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About Wade Shepard

I'm an author / journalist / filmmaker who has been moving through the world since 1999, through over 90 countries. Since the spring of 2015 I have been traveling up and down the various corridors of China’s Belt and Road and broader New Silk Road. I'm the author of Ghost Cities of China: The Story of Cities Without People in the World's Most Populated Country, which recounts the two and a half years I spent in China's sparsely populated new cities. My latest book (soon to be released) is called On the New Silk Road: Journeys through China’s Artery of Power, and is about the four years that I spent chronicling the rise of the Silk Road from China to Europe. My big media bylines include Forbes, The Guardian, Reuters, the South China Morning Post, and Bloomberg.

I have been a guest on BBC World News, NPR Morning Edition, CNBC Squawk Box, CBC The Current, ABC News, CCTV, Vesti 24, among others. I have also been featured in articles on VICE,, The Guardian, BBC World News, the New Statesman, the South China Morning Post, the China Daily, among others.

BBC World Service documentary:

BBC News- Start of the Silk Road: China

ABC News- Why China is Building a New Silk Road

CNBC Squawk Box- Inside China’s ‘Ghost Cities’

CBC- China’s Deserted Ghost Cities

VICE- How China Is Literally Moving Mountains to Build Ghost Towns

A talk that I gave at the University of Michigan:

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Journeying Through China's Artery Of Power


I travel and I write. I also make documentaries. Author of "Ghost Cities of China" and "On the New Silk Road." Contributor at Forbes. Features at The Guardian. 20 years of traveling the world trying to figure out what’s going on.