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The most notable part of these developments in the Middle East is the scarcity of water, and how much of an expense it is to desalinate salt water. Duqm gets a reported 1.4 inches of rainfall per year. If I were running out of oil (i.e. hydrocarbons), I'm not sure building a city in the dessert is the ideal choice. Water scarcity affects some of the wealthiest communities on earth. Why would anyone think a city receiving 1.4 inches of rainfall a year will have enough potable water? Hence, the value of a camel.

If desalination technologies do not advance FAST (and they have not thus far), running out of oil will be eclipsed by a much bigger problem. Water will eventually cost more per gallon than the most refined crude. And as the wealthy Southwest United States is learning, you can't buy your way out of this dilemma. Soon, a potable water shortage will catch-up with these ideas of diversification through development in regions where large populations cannot be readily sustained.

This reminds me of the movie "Dune."

As always Mr. Shepard, you make me think. Thank you.

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