Hello Plamen, We have a lot of younger people who subscribe that are looking into careers in the think tank / academia / journalism worlds. Do you have any advice for them as to how to get started?

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Also, how does the general population in Greece feel about Chinese investment in their country (at Piraeus, etc)?

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Plamen, what do you think will come of Greece's China relations after the fallout from the pandemic?

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Mr. Tonchev,

China is gaining control over harbors in Sri-Lanka, Djibouti, Israel & Greece. Is this part of the BRI / Beijing soft power or what?

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Hi Wade and thanks.

Hello Mr.Plamen.

Nowadays after the pandemic of Coronavirus, we are seeing that the EU is not as UNITED as they advertise!

I think if china pays more attention to several countries like Serbia - which is behind the door of the EU for many years -or Italy or other countries, it can destroy this union step by step and make a new political or economical union.

Hint: China has shown that it can do that and we can see 2 examples of their work in B&R and AIIB.

What's your opinion?

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