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Great research and documentary work, I really appreciate your stories! I just watched the BBC documentary on Khorgos, really enjoyed it - thank you! Keep up the great work!

From an investment perspective, which companies and countries do you believe will benefit the most from the Silk Road rising again after Covid-19?

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So a bit off topic. You wrote in Forbes about "brushing" scams, where companies send you products you didn't order in order to have a verified purchase that they can use to review a product favorably. For the past year I have been getting electronics devices, all under $30: An exercise watch, a podcast camera, and a solar phone charger among others. I am concerned they might contain malware that will invade my Macs, network, phone. Ever heard of such a thing?

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Am a new reader, an English ex pat living in Australia...might one add this to my message -one wrote and suggested to a specific dept in UK that once China tightened that belt, sic., security wise, the Genie would be out of the bottle...and also software within say one out of ten mobile phones could also be tampered with...especially as many used face/fingerprint recognition...they said they were monitoring it and that software in say Huawei mobile phones was safe...'Really' was one's response.


Let us not forget that Italy signed a contract with China…one wonders whether the advent of the coronavirus is perhaps China’s nemesis such as its ‘belt and road’ ideology… (my words)

https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-47679760 - or its ‘Silk Road’ moment…

Equally perhaps the vehemence that China attacks its own people especially the Uighurs possibly goes back to its Silk Road demise…which appeared to point to the expansion of Islam…see below...

'Another key factor in the decline of the Silk Roadways the expansion of Islam, which spread, much like Buddhism, very easily along the Silk Road. As Islamic power and territory began to encroach on China, ideas and communication were greatly stymied, as tension ensued'.

Thankyou for your insight...am now reading your articles in Forbes.


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Why are you doing this instead of doing forbes

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This is awesome!! We probably dont agree on much politically but I have been reading your stuff for many years and it has always interesting and thought provoking. Would love to hear more of your view on the future of China and USA from a technology and supply chain point of view (per your last article in Forbes). Keep up the good work!!!!

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Hello! Keep my eyes wide open!

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