It is best for all of us to look for the blessing in this viral drama. When in the history of the earth have human beings ever made corrections in our behavior? Post-chaos.

Are we ready to stay awake, or will we go back to napping soon? We need to be more vigilant than ever and to scrutinize every single movement within the global "management system".

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This is my point of view..for what it is worth.

As an American, I have been against the open door Communist China was given into the world economy since the beginning, but I recognized that it was the result of our Washington/Wall St. oligarchy and all about cheap organized labor, no matter the political paradigms.

Now, we have a Red Chinese regime with monetary/political/military power financed at Walmart and Home Depot. Any blame thrown at this Covid19 disaster has to start on Wall St. In my opinion, there should never have been any US companies setting up shop in China...none.

So, let's put blame where it belongs..Washington for endorsing the process, Wall St. for being financial and political prostitutes and China for doing what Communist regimes do.

Now, what does the grassroots global population do with this top-down destruction of our lifestyles and ability to continue the self-determination process? I am elated that Wall St. elites are getting into trouble with consumers, but the stock market is still strong. Look at Amazon..Jeff Bezos became the world's richest person on a mountain of cheaply produced Chinese-origin goods passing through his shopping network. Why does he despise Donald Trump? Follow the money.

I am from upstate New York, the former land of industrial productivity and prosperity. Now, this corridor is an economic void with high taxes, from the PA state line to Buffalo to Albany.

The Covid-19 virus is a blessing on humanity. It is a global wake up call to get our own houses in order, both literally and figuratively. We cannot rely on our mega-corporations to supply us with our daily needs, nor can we ignore the relationships between said corporations and our elected officials. Where there is money, there is corruption...guaranteed.

A renaissance is in order. WE need to make things again. Everywhere. Big Box megastores need to be strong-armed by CONSUMERS to have more domestic SKU's than imports. If they cannot serve our needs and desires, then Wall St. producers need to go the way of shopping malls.

The billionaire class has been bolstered by the obscene differential between low wage/low regulatory production and distant prosperous consumer cultures, at the expense of small businesses and their employees world wide.

China needs this exposure from the Covid-19 scandal, as it has illuminated the other guilty parties in the process as well. Corporate production needs to reboot or a BOOT, right out of our shopping carts.

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